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duminică, 28 iulie 2013

10 Unusual But Interesting Tree Houses

We must recognize that a tree house is unusual but interesting. But if we want this, we must follow a few steps. The first step to having your own tree house is choosing a tree or trees (some tree houses span two or three trees). But for this you must to be a little bit “crazy”. Think about who will use the tree house — adults or kids. Tree houses for kids should be kept close to the ground for their protection. The perfect tree for a tree house is not too young, not too old and must be healthy. Apple, oak, ash, fir and beech are some good choices. Diseased or damaged trees will be unstable — your house might not last very long and you might not be safe inside it. Trees can be diseased at the root (at ground level or underground), in the trunk or at the core. Other warning signs of an unstable tree are lightning or excessive wind damage.

Additionally, the thickness and angle of the branches makes the difference between a strong or weak support system. Limbs grow naturally in all sorts of sizes, shapes and angles and the strongest limbs are those growing at 90-degree angles. Steer clear of building in elm or sycamore trees — both of which are prone to disease. Also avoid any tree with a short lifespan, shallow roots or position on a slope.

With proper design and construction, the structure will survive high winds. If you live in an area where winds might pose a danger, experts recommend building your tree house in the lower third of the tree, keeping it small to minimize potential damage.

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